Our family history goes back over 100 years in the Giles County area. We are the children, grandchildren, and great grand children of Wesley Preston Archer and Allie Mae Boone.

Wesley and Allie raised their four children Helen, Aubrey  (Pictured above), Dick, and Beverly (pictured above) in Pulaski as dairymen and taught their kids hard work and good values.

This has transitioned down to all of their heirs...

Archer Cattle farms is the second generation farm of Aubrey and his wife Isabelle. The second child of Wesley and Allie Mae, Aubrey and Isabelle purchased the farm from the Wilsons in 1985 during his transition to civilian life from over 30 years in the US Navy

Aubrey taught his his sons, daughters, and many grand kids the value of farm life and joy of raising beef.

In 2008 one of his sons, Wesley Archer, decided he wanted to return to the business of farming and assumed ownership of the ranch. He has since added on to the foot print of the property by purchasing the adjacent farm.